Friday, 5 February 2016

The story of the sunset

The sun never sets. It just knows that there's another half of the planet hopefully waiting in darkness. It needs to go.

The colors of the sunset were the most vivid I had ever witnessed in my life. Little clouds hung in the clearest of the blue skies. Thousands of colors had been calmly smudged onto the sky.

We were on the drive back from Deoban to Chakrata. And it was showtime.

Everything blended perfectly. There was so much happening in the heavans. 

And began to dip slowly.

The layers of the colors. The clouds. The sky.

The clouds come closer. The closing moments. 

The final goodbyes and the hugs.

And slowly ..... the city sleeps. 

Everything calms down slowly. We bow to the Sun God.

We sleep peacefully having faith for the next sunrise. 

And the Lord doesn't disappoint. 

The new day begins. The show happens everyday. But its never the same. 

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