Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Blue Lassi Shop of Banaras

92 years is a long time. I pause for a moment and think again. 92 years !! I pause again and try to calculate. Not an easy one. comes out be . Before we were an independent country, before my great grandfather was even a father....that is indeed a long time. It is a long time....but maybe not by the standards of the holy city of Banaras....the world's oldest inhabited city.

A lot has changed over this time...but one thing...the love and passion with which this small Shop in the Kachori Gali of Banaras has been serving Lassi to visitors from all over the world, since three generations.

Yes, one thing has changed about the Blue Lassi Shop too...from serving just plain Lassi, to now serving more than 50 kinds of Lassi, each one ....perfect !!

The owner of the Shop, Chanchal ji, sits crossed-legged on a raised platform and blends the finest Lassi you and I will ever have. 

From plain to banana, pineapple, pomegranate, blueberry, mango, almond, Kesar to many more flavors of Lassi, each of them is a complete mouth-watering meal in itself.

After having a Kulhad (glass) full of Lassi, you find yourself stuck in a war between your stomach, which says enough, and your taste buds, which want more. And...the taste buds gonna win the war this time . :D

As you watch him make the Lassi and top it up with delicious flavours, nuts, fruits and dry fruits, you simply cannot control the urge for the glass of Lassi to reach you. I had the blueberry banana Lassi, and it was, by a fair margin, the most delicious and refreshing drink i have ever had. 

The Blueberry Banana Lassi and the Saffron Kesar Pista Lassi

Chanchal ji making the delicious Lassi

Kunal, Enjoying the Saffron Almond Lassi

Richard and Rosa from England, who are on their 6-month backpacking trip, waiting for their Lassi

 Next time you are in Banaras, do give it a try.