Monday, 15 September 2014

When you fall in love with the mountains !!

Some time ago, i wrote a post  12 amazing things which happen when you are bit by the travel bug, the most read post on this blog so far. But as I was coming back from Prashar Lake to Mandi , the lovely 50 km journey, I realized its not travel bug I got, but the mountain bug. Something happens when your heart falls for the mountains. 

1. You hate to call it the bug :)

Ya, i know you want to say, it doesn't fit well with the mountains. It's not the bug, it's love for the mountains. You know that not everyone can understand what you feel. But it doesn't matter.

2. You can stay forever

I literally mean for ever. I bet you must have had the feeling to leave behind the so-called real world and settle in a quite himalayan village for the rest of your life. And actually, it's not that tough to do it. It's just that the society has taught us from our childhood to Be practical.

3. You realize they are safe

There is one thing about the mountains. The further you go, the safer it gets. Yes, people are afraid of landslides and the rains and blah blah. But it is only rarely that these things are causing any major damage. Just google out the statistics- You will find out much more people are losing lives/ injured on the roads of big metros as compared to the mountains. The people are extremely friendly and helpful.

4. You feel at home

Yes, the homely feeling on seeing the snow clad peaks, the locals selling tea and simple snacks on small stalls, the young boy rearing his sheep, the locals carrying loads of grass on their backs for their children-like cows and goats. Seeing all this, you feel you are back to your real home.

5. The day you return, you want to go back 

Don't you miss being there in the lovely hills, admist the beautiful ranges and the soaring peaks, the roaring river just as soon as you are back from the mountains. In fact, you the nostalgic feeling begins in the return journey itself.

6. Looking the starry sky, You realize the vastness of the universe

7. You feel healthy

You get to know the real smell of Oxygen , because there's loads of it :D. Also, the freshness and the taste of the water. The rishis and saints were right , when they said " All your body needs is pure water and air ".

8. You realize how much you love your parents

You begin to understand whom you really love. Here I write parents, because,for me, they are the most important people in my life (and obviously, sissy you ).

9. You fall in love with the little magical roads 

The beautiful road from mandi to Prashar

10. You understand life is not that tough as it is made out to be 

The monotonous and the competetive city life can lead into believing that its tough out there in the real world. But when you see the peaceful, and more importantly the happy lives of the people up there in the Himalayan villages, you begin to see the truth behind  "Money can't buy you happiness ".

11. You start appreciating the simple things 

12. You meet wonderful and passionate people on the way 

Be it people you meet on the bus journey, or the people camping along, or someone random you meet while on a trek, they are passionate, open and friendly. In the mountains, strangers are the best friends. And not to forget, the higher you go, the better it gets. 

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It would be great to have you add on to the list. Do share your lovely experiences and inspire more people to fall in love with the mountains.