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12 Amazing things which happen when you are bit by the travel bug

So, you have been bitten. Since you are reading this article, i can fairly assume that you have been bitten by the travel bug. So, what does it mean to say ' i have been bit the travel bug' ?  It means, you are suffering from an incurable disease, but the only illness with which you fall in love with. 
Michal Palin puts it up nicely : 

"Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life." 

Continue reading to realize how beautiful this disease is and the amazing things it does to. 

Photo Credits : Moyan Brenn

1 . The more you travel, the more you want to 

The day you back from the mountains, next day you want to go back. You went for a trip to the mountains, you plan your next trip again to the mountains a few days later. Many of your friends, those who haven't yet been bitten by the bug won't be be able to understand this. They would prefer going to a different place. But i know.... you get this and this is how exactly you feel. Because you had fallen in love with that place, and the heart always craves to get back to the loved ones. 

2. You will be always ready 

Because travel is always on your mind. A half an hour's notice is all that it takes you to book some important tickets, put the essentials in your bag, and you are ready to leave. Your friends can always count upon you, as the one who will never let them down when adventure is on their minds. 

3. You can go anywhere 
 Its not just the destination you love,but the desire, the lust to go, wherever it may be. The feeling of oneness begins. You start to feel one with the world. Everywhere feels at home. " I haven't been everywhere , but it's on my list. "

4. You will realize the truth behind the quote  "You can take a man out of the mountains, but you cannot take mountains out of him"
 You would have heard many quotes like but would have just skipped past them but now, you will realize their true meaning and begin to appreciate their worth to the real traveler.  Read some more inspiring travel quotes here

5. You start loving your own company 
 Not every time your best buddy would be able to accompany you on your trip. So, you got to go alone, and whoa, it turns out, i am not a bad person to be with. Infact, I love my own company, i can talk to myself. I am awesome. You will start understanding yourself. Your dreams and your fears will come out crystal clear. The power to accompalish the former and overcome the latter comes along. 

6. You get to break free from stereotypes 
 You can 'let go' the things society has taught you and be yourself. No longer , 'do this, don't do that, don't talk to strangers'. I can be me, when i am travelling.  

7. You read some of the most amazing books 
 Many times, the best part of a trip is the wonderful time spent on the window seat of a bus or a train, reading your favorite novel or pondering over a famous philosophy classic. 

8.  You begin to understand life 
  You start seeing the bigger picture. You experience life as it is. Travelling makes you kind and understanding. You begin to see, think and talk about the things that actually matter. You are out of the rat race and in a league of your own. 

9. You start building relations, not contacts 
 The person sitting on the seat next to you in the bus, or the one you accompanied for a hike on a tough mountain might become your best friend for the rest of your life. You begin to understand people to a deep level , and again , you begin to see the things which actually matter. 

10. The food and great places 
 Needless to say, you get to see wonderful places and taste the dishes around the globe. These come complementary with the travel bug. 

11. If you are lucky enough, you may happen to meet 'the one for you'
 Many times, it happens and many people have met their better half when traveling, who luckily, too has been bit by the travel bug :) . 

12. You are in love all the time 
 Love is in the air all the time. You are lost in a world of your own, thoughts of the high peaks,adventure in the speeding rivers, the peace of the Nepalese monks,  the silence of the deserts, the calm of the lakeside, the stars in the vast night sky. Haven't you ever felt like marrying travel ?? I have.

Do add more to the list, whatever you have experienced while the travel bug was biting u hard.

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