Saturday, 16 November 2013

I want to leave everything and travel the world

Because Travel is my Life...i know i am born to travel...i want to trek every mountain of the every nook and corner of the world.

And the tragedy is I am studying Engineering at India's best college. But sometimes i feel it's not so much of a tragedy, as i found my passion passion to travel. The classes have indeed been helpful, in the way they have made me realize that i am not born to be an engineer. The fifty minute lectures which other students use to make notes, chat, or play games on their mobile phones, pass by, for me dreaming about the beautiful and thrilling places in the world waiting for me to explore them.

But the society tells's not that easy.  I don't know why but this makes me laugh. It's not about doing something's that's easy or difficult, it's about doing what i love and i am passionate about. As far as the 'easy' is concerned, i find it much easier travelling 1000 km to the last village of India than sitting in a 1 hr lecture. 

Chitkul : The last village of India

I  know that if i go by their ways, one day, i will b sitting in a nice modern office of a big industry, earning a fat salary, calculating whether the pipe diameter should be 1 mm less or more...but no, i don't want to live that life . I don't want to count the number of days remaining for vacations to start.I don't want to be counting weekends and waiting for Fridays. 
 I want to trek to the top of the world... yes, i want to climb the Mount Everest, the K2, the Kanchenjunga . I want to raft in the world's fastest river. Today, sitting in my hostel room, when i close my eyes and think of that moment , i get goosebumps. I can feel the thrill, the love , the peace . 

I want to play the flute at a quite and a peaceful hill station. I want to feel the silence and the vastness of the deserts, the rush of the fast-flowing rivers and the sancity of the mountains. I want to dine with the people of 200 countries, learn their language, celebrate their festivals, understand them and dance with them. I want to live a live of adventure. 

At Jaisalmer

 Life's not about money, fame or power. It's about living your dreams.  One saying by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam comes to my mind  

Dream is not that which you see while sleeping ,it is something that does not let you sleep.”

And travel is my dream. Day and Night, I think of travel. 
Here are some quotes which keep me inspired.  I believe when you choose to chase your dreams,you have chosen to live life your way, then why worry. Why worry whether you'll be earning in Lakhs or Crores, what the world thinks of you. Rest everything is secondary.
You can either live your way or the world's. I choose the former.  I believe there is some purpose why each one of us is here. Mine, i know is to travel and to inspire and help people travel. 

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